Who we are?

The adventure, which started with the foundation of Alkoç Deri in 1957, continues with the innovation-oriented, sustainability-based and not compromising on quality approach of Iskefe Deri, which started its activities in 2002.

İskefe Deri, focusing on the production of leather and collagen derivatives by approaching leather and its by-products within the framework of an ecosystem, is the pioneer of the industry in this regard.

İskefe Deri has 7 leather tanneries, in total, in its body and these factories focus on the highest level of leather production by using the latest technology. İskefe Deri, performing its activities devotedly by continuously improving its performance, increasing quality and meeting customer expectations, also supports new researches and new technologies with its R&D center in its body.

İskefe’s Mission

In order to provide a healthier life and a more livable world for future generations, to carry out natural production in all our business lines by putting technology production and R&D at our center. And in doing so, to develop together with our business partners and to improve their quality of life with every product that reaches the end consumer.

Authentic Tradition


To produce innovative solutions so as to increase the quality of human life.

Our Philosophy
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